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Reddit is a really useful tool for boosting games and applications at no cost, if you approach it correctly. In this report, you will notice our recommendations on the best way best to use the source, which should help you to get the most from promoting on Reddit.

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If anyone doesn’t know, Reddit is a social news network, where users place their stuff, and where there’s a method of voting for their favourite posts, and the most popular ones have been seen by millions of consumers. The analogue here’s Pikabu.

Another suggestion is that not only traffic from Reddit itself will reach the peak of the site. Traffic will also come from other websites that”take” information from Reddit, so-called aggregators.

You will need to publish content which is going to have the effect of viral distribution and discussion. Something interesting,”sexy” vivid, causing plenty of discussion. Even in the event you would like to display your game, do it in a non-standard manner, give it a first angle.

We can share our own recommendations on what you need to do to get noticed on Reddit:

When you can, begin earning pluses to your rank. It would be great if you could market your Reddit account until you publish your articles. By marketing, I mean raising your level of confidence, your”karma. After registration it’s equal to zero. Register and immediately start to take part in the discussion of other news. Leave useful comments, vote, for that you will get pluses. Below you can see an example, we did not immediately publish a post with information regarding our game. We asked users what black and white games that they understand. We got a conversation and obtained a score increase.

With a swayed account, your news will immediately appear higher in the rankings than others. This is important if you don’t have a “support group” that can vote on your post right away. Without this, your news will quickly roll down the feed and get lost. In the picture below, you can see that our next post already got even more pluses, raising our rating.

Don’t confuse subreddits. Do not mindlessly copying the same information to unique subreddits. If your information is about your sport and consists only of a link to a trailer it ought to be printed in the subreddit for players. If you would like to print it in the developers section, say, gamedev, this information format won’t work. The listing of subreddits you may print in is given below.

Don’t spam. This advice is basically part of the previous one. If you start mindlessly spamming your news, you will be “zaminusu” and your chances of being seen are close to zero. Or they’ll give you a ban, or maybe even a lifetime ban.

Don’t compose dry posts. Nobody is interested in reading dull sheets describing your sport. This principle applies to press releases as well as here. Set your originality into a few phrases and attach a link, then there’ll be a greater chance.

Use links properly. Publish easy links is also a terrible option. If you wish to present your game in an interesting way make such as gif-animation of a cool moment with a great deal of effects and activity upload it into imgur and attach it to the article. Or a brief video with a few humorous moment, unforgettable personality, etc..

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